Understanding the vast range of cycling clothing available will leave you better prepared to take on any challenge. Adequate protection is paramount. Comfort is the bonus that makes riding more of a joy.

We’ve broken cycling clothing down into a few helpful sections for you to quickly find what you’re after:

Regardless of whether you’re a casual biker or someone more serious, equipment matters. Having the right tools for the job is the key to a good riding experience. Below are some of the main areas of clothing cycling and equipment that help to make rides safer and more comfortable.

Shorts & Bibs

Bike shorts

A solid pair of cycling shorts is the difference between a comfy rider and a rider with a sore bottom. A bike seat can only do so much, the shorts you wear must be able to absorb some impact.

Cycling shorts come in many variations depending on the discipline of cycling and the shape of the rider.

Road cycling shorts, mountain bike shorts, women’s cycling shorts, all have different characteristics that make them better suited to the task at hand.

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Gloves & Mitts

Find bike gloves

In harsh conditions or in an accident, your hands are likely to be the first to suffer. A solid set of cycling gloves not only reduces the risk of any injury, they also improve grip.

Different biking gloves have different qualities. For example, mountain bike gloves are usually much tougher than other gloves, but lack the mobility that road cycling gloves have.

Finding the gloves that offer you the perfect balance between protection, grip and mobility can vastly improve your cycling experience.

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Footwear & Socks

Cycling footwear

Cycling shoes are mostly sought out by road cyclist. Shoes with bolts that fit clipless pedals keep your feet tightly bound to the pedals are essential.

Mountain bikers typically aren’t as fussy, but there are shoes and boots out there designed with mountain biking in mind.

Underneath the shoes, upgrading from traditional white cycling socks can do more than just spice up your fashion game.

New and improved mesh paneled socks with ankle cuffs are a game changer. They keep your feet cool in summer and stop them slipping around.

Cycling Sunglasses

Sunglasses with adaptable lenses

Sunglasses are just sunglasses, right? Well, nope! Cycling sunglasses are typically designed to be light, durable and offer excellent protection.

Adjustable nosepads, arms and interchangeable lenses make them quite a versatile piece of kit. What could be more important than clear unobstructed vision?

Wide lenses give good coverage from debris while UV resistant coatings keep your eyesight safe from UV damage on long rides. The choice between polarized and un-polarized is up to you!

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Biker With the Best Mountain Bike Gloves

The Best Mountain Bike Gloves

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