Shorts & Bibs

Bike shorts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many are made with a specific type of cycling in mind, like road bike shorts.

Others, like padded bike shorts, are a viable options for cyclists of all disciplines.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most popular types of bike shorts as a guide to help you choose the right fit.

Padded bike shorts

Padded bike shorts

One of the first things most people do when they are getting serious about cycling is buy a pair of padded bike shorts. These shorts are designed to make long rides more enjoyable.

The thickness and shape of the padding itself can differ greatly from short to short. Certain fabrics are better suited for wet conditions than others, so it’s important to buy a pair that suit you.

The padding in women and men’s bike shorts tends to differ significantly. Different body shapes need more (or less) support in different areas of the body.

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Women’s cycling shorts

Women's bike shorts

Women’s cycling shorts are made with a woman’s shape in mind for extra comfort.

Padded cycling shorts for women are a popular choice. They provide support that is tailor made for women.

If you’re a casual biker who isn’t covering that many miles, you may not need padded cycling shorts. High waisted shorts, low rise, multi sport, and lightweight are just a few of the other options around.

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Road bike shorts

Road bike shorts

Road bike shorts focus on efficiency rather than comfort.

Tight hugging materials make them aerodynamic, while compression reduces the build up of lactic acid in your thighs.

They’re typically very lightweight, so while they aren’t designed with comfort in mind, you’ll hardly notice them. Bright colors are a favorite here because of the visibility they provide while cycling on busy roads.

Mountain bike shorts

Mountain bike short

Mountain bike shorts extend just beyond the knee when standing. This ensures they provide adequate protection to your upper legs while riding.

Their rugged appearance is a side-effect of their durability. Materials that are very hard to rip, and triple stitches seams mean they stand the test of time.

Unlike other cycling shorts, they’re often quite baggy. This adds another small level of protection as well as making it comfortable to wear padding underneath.

Bib cycling shorts vs. regular

Bib bike shorts

Restricted movement around the waist area while cycling is something all riders can relate to.

That is where the bib shorts come in. Bib shorts come with straps that come up over your shoulders for extra support.

This means there is no need for a elastic waistband and your shorts always stay up.