About Us

We started bikebrave to bring solid information to the cycling community. We're excited to see where it takes us.

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Bikebrave is a cycling blog focused around sharing our experiences with bikes and equipment. Our two founding members have a collective 36 years experience in cycling and hope to share some valuable insights with you.

Having both blogged on other platforms for a few years, we decided to bring our heads together and create a single blog that combines our years of cycling knowledge in an easy to read format.

We’re always looking to expand and bring new, useful content to the cycling blog scene.

By bringing on board more part time editors and writers, we hope our blog will blossom and prove to be a solid source of truth for the biking community.

Our focus at the moment is to knuckle down and find out what the community wants to hear about. From there we’ll try our best to fill the gaps.

Peace out,

Darren & Sam