About Us

Bikebrave cycling blog

Bikebrave is a cycling blog focused around sharing our experiences with bikes and equipment. We focus on creating high-quality, comprehensive guides to the latest bikes and parts, along with other accessories we find useful in our everyday lives.

Who are we?

– Founder of Bikebrave

Alan Hughes

Alan Hughes is a keen cycling enthusiast and writer. Alan has spent more than 20 years riding, maintaining and upgrading bikes as a hobby. He started Bikebrave in 2017 to share his experiences with the world. Read his story by clicking his name above.

Our Editorial Team

Our Editorial members have a collective 60+ years experience in cycling. It’s our goal to share some valuable insights and hard-learned lessons with the world, so other cyclists don’t have to make the same mistakes we have.

Having blogged on other platforms for a few years, we decided to bring our heads together and help Alan create a single blog that combines years of cycling knowledge. We’re always looking to expand and bring new, useful content to the cycling blog scene, and spend much of our time on the hunt for new cool things to cover.

By bringing on board more part time editors and writers, we hope our blog will blossom and prove to be a solid source of truth for the biking community. Our focus at the moment is to knuckle down and find out what the community wants to hear about. From there we’ll try our best to fill the gaps. If you have any questions, or just want to start a discussion, email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Affiliate Programs, Links & Commissions

This website is reader-supported. It’s important to us that we make it clear what that means, and how it affects you.

What does reader-supported mean, and what are affiliate programs?

In the instances where we recommend products to our readers, we’ll often (but not always) make use of an affiliate link. When our readers click these links and make a purchase we may earn an affiliate commission from the retailer they land on. This comes at no extra cost to the reader. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

We are firm believers that a site has to offer true value to its readers to be able to reach its full potential. As such, we never let affiliate programs or commissions influence our suggestions or dictate our methods for creating engaging, helpful content.