Urban Cycling

Urban cycling involves riding your bike within built-up areas such as cities and town centres. Whether you do this for a daily commute or enjoy freeride biking, urban cycling is as great a way as any to enjoy riding your bike.

Best Single Speed Bike

The Best Single Speed Bikes

If you need a functional yet affordable way to get around you can't go wrong with a single speed bike. We've rounded up some of the best single speed bikes.

bike with a kickstand

The Best Bike Kickstands

Bike kickstands were once a staple component of every new casual bike. These days, you might be forced to buy one separately, so we've rounded up a few of our favorites to save you some time.

Best Single Speed Wheelsets

The Best Single Speed Wheelsets

Whether you're converting to a single-speed bike or upgrading your existing fixed-gear bike, you'll need a high quality wheelset that doesn't break the bank.

Urban Cycling

If you find yourself primarily riding your bike within built-up areas then you fall into the bracket of "urban cyclist". Cycling in towns and cities can be done for both leisure and transport and below we take a look at some of the most important aspects of urban riding.

Single Speed Bikes

Single speed bikes are loved for their simplicity. Because they only have a single gear, they’re very reliable and incredibly easy to maintain. Fixed gear bikes are a type of single speed bike on which you can’t freewheel. While this makes riding more strenuous, fixed gear bikes (or “fixies”) are well loved for how fun they make riding. A majority of freewheel single speed bikes can be converted to and from fixed gear with relative ease. Single speed wheelsets with a flip flop hub accommodate both mechanisms. Single speed bikes make for excellent commuting bikes. While true fixed gear bikes are best kept for the more pure cyclists among us, single speed bikes are a fantastic beginner option.


If you need a way to prop your bike up and store it without damaging it, kickstands are a great option. They used to come as standard on many bikes but are much less common these days. They still offer great value and can be picked up for a very reasonable price.