Cycling Accessories

Although the main component in cycling is your bike, accessories can make your life on a bike a lot easier. Accessories are used for a variety of reasons including comfort, protection and ease of riding.

a man wearing cycling sunglasses

The Best Sunglasses For Cycling

A pair of sunglasses for cycling can help improve performance as well as eye protection. We take a look at a few of our favorite options on the market at the moment.

Cycling Accessories

Just like any sport, there's plenty of accessories available when it comes to cycling. Accessories can help to track your riding, provide additional protection or just make riding easier. Below we take a look at some important cycling accessories.

Cycling Sunglasses

Sunglasses are just sunglasses, right? Well, nope! The best cycling sunglasses are typically designed to be light, durable and offer excellent protection. Adjustable nosepads, arms and interchangeable lenses make them quite a versatile piece of kit. What could be more important than clear unobstructed vision? Wide lenses give good coverage from debris while UV resistant coatings keep your eyesight safe from UV damage on long rides. The choice between polarized and un-polarized is up to you!