The Best Bike Grease for Bearings

Best Bike Grease For Bearings Featured

Whenever you’re doing work on your bike, you need to have the best tool for the job to hand. If you’re looking for a good grease for your bike’s bearings, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up some great options and formed a list of the best bike grease for bearings.

The Finish Line Premium Grease is the best bike grease for bearings due to its excellent protection, pressure additives, and industry-recognized quality.

NameSizes Available
Finish Line Finish Line Premium Grease 3.5 Ounces
Park Tool Park Tool PPL-1 4,16 Ounces
White Lightning White Lightning Crystal Grease 16 Ounces
Bel-Ray Bel-Ray Grease 16 Ounces
Park Tool Park Tool HPG-1 4 Ounces
DuPont DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease 10-14 Ounces
Armor All Armor All Grease 4 Ounces

Best Bike Grease for Bearings

Getting your hands on a bike grease is easy enough when you know what you’re looking for. After hours of consumer research and testing, we’ve put together a list of options that offer excellent protection, water-resistance and can handle a variety of climates.

7 of the best bike grease for bearings are listed below.

1. Finish Line Premium Grease – Best Bike Grease for Bearings

First on the list, we’ve got this premium grease from Finish Line. This is constructed to protect your bicycle bearings from corrosion, wear and distortion. Thanks to its functional thickener, not only do you get protected from corrosion but rust too, even if you find yourself riding through saltwater. It’s great for not sheering even in high pressure and has undergone vigorous testing, with approval from some of the best bike and bearing manufacturers around.

Features of the Finish Line Premium Grease include:

On the whole, this is a very good quality option. Due to its rust and corrosion prevention, high-pressure additives and industry reputation, we consider this the best bike grease for bearings.

2. Park Tool PPL-1

Next on our list, we’ve got the PPL-1 grease from Park Tool. This has an extraordinary level of high shear strength and its great for combatting moisture, which will keep you protected even in the most extreme conditions. This grease was designed specifically for cyclists. So, if you’re looking for something that’s been designed specifically for maintaining and repairing bikes, this is a great option.

Features of the Park Tool PPL-1 include:

On the whole, this is a great quality grease that works well against extreme weather conditions.

3. White Lightning Crystal Grease – Cleanest Bike Grease

The next grease to make our list is the crystal grease from White Lightning. When using grease, you’re bound to get your hands dirty, but if you’re looking for something relatively clean, then this grease is a good option. As the name suggests, it’s crystal clear doesn’t stain as well as being non-toxic and odorless.

Features of the White Lightning Crystal Grease includes:

We’ve given this grease the title of cleanest bike grease around; this is down to its clear appearance, non-staining properties and the fact it is non-toxic as well as biodegradable.

4. Bel-Ray Grease

Here we’ve got an excellent waterproof grease made by Bel-Ray. This is a great quality multi-use product that has an excellent level of water resistance. Thanks to its complex aluminum formula, it prevents melting and running out. This is a highly stable grease that protects you from wear thanks to its included additives.

Features of the Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease include:

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose grease, then this comes highly recommended, it has excellent waterproof, anti-wear and highly protective properties.

5. Park Tool HPG-1 – Great for Expensive Bikes

Next on the list is the HPG-1 grease from Park Tool. This is a very specialized grease and is optimal for high-end applications on both road and mountain bikes. This high performing option is great for fighting friction and providing long-lasting lubrication. It’s a highly water-resistant grease and can operate well even in extreme temperatures giving you peace of mind that your bike will be protected whatever the weather.

Features of the Park Tool HPG-1 Grease include:

This is an excellent quality grease that’s suitable for those of you looking for something for a high-end road or mountain bike. The fact this grease is designed for that kind of application makes it our best grease for expensive bikes.

6. DuPont Teflon White Lithium Grease

Coming in next is the white lithium grease made by DuPont. This is another clean grease with very little odor thanks to its efficient lithium formula. It’s highly resistant and is more than comfortable in handling extreme temperatures. This grease also makes use of Teflon, which works to ensure that you get the optimal performance from it.

Features of the DuPont White Lithium Grease include:

Despite being this far down the list, this grease is still a very clean, effective and resistant option. If you’re looking for a grease containing Teflon, this is an excellent choice.

7. Armor All Grease – Best Budget Bike Grease

The Armor Al grease is a worthwhile investment for those of you looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers great protection in all weather conditions, protects against wear and is highly lubricating. That said it does come out a little thicker and less “clean” than some of the other options on our list, but if this is something you can live with, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Features of the Armor Al Grease include:

This is a grease that offers a good array of features despite its heavily reasonable price tag. It’s with this reasoning that we’ve given it the title of best budget bike grease.

Buying Bike Grease for Bearings

Buying Bike Grease For Bearings

We’ve put together a short guide to help you understand what to look for in a bike bearing grease. If you’re looking for an in-depth technical guide, we’d recommend reading the following bike grease resource.

High-Pressure Shear Strength

Shear strength refers to the ability to resist forces that can cause mechanical or structural failure. It’s always worth looking out for a grease that has high-pressure additives or is labeled to perform well in preventing shearing. This can help ensure that the grease you use works well to prevent high-pressure structural damage.

Waterproof Grease

When looking for grease for your bike’s bearings, we’d recommend looking for something that is at least labeled water-resistant. When you’re out riding your bikes exposed to plenty of water, so the grease you use must be up to the test. If you are a costal rider, we’d recommend investing in a bearing grease that can also handle saltwater like some of the products we’ve listed above.

Corrosion/Rust Proof

Another one of the best features of bearing grease is protection against corrosion and rust. Resistance against corrosion is going to help protect your components against wear over time as well as rusting. This point ties in with what we said about water resistance, as your bike will be exposed to liquids you need to make sure that you choose a bearing grease that won’t rust.

Clean Grease

This is something that’s down to your own preference, but from experience, it’s worth investing in grease that comes out clean. Let’s face it; you’re always going to get your hands dirty when applying grease. With that said, by opting for a bearing grease that’s labeled clean, you’re going to make the job as dirt free as possible.

Low Odor Bearing Grease

This point follows on from our last point, and rather than physical appearance is based on how the grease smells. If you’re somebody who dislikes the strong smell of grease, going for an odorless option is a great way around it. Look out for manufacturers that label their product odor-free or a low odor formula.

Weather Conditions

Another good property of bicycle grease is protection across a variety of weather conditions. Plenty of bike greases are labeled suitable for “extreme conditions” and these are great for those of you who ride your bike whatever the weather. With the ever-changing climate conditions, it’s definitely worthwhile opting for an all-weather bike grease.

Bike Bearing Grease Conclusion

There’s plenty of great greases out there that have been purpose-built for use with bike bearings. We hope you’ve found this article useful and now understand what you should look for in a high-quality bicycle grease. Ultimately you should be looking for a good quality grease that offers water resistance, protection from wearing and lasts in a variety of weather conditions.