The Best Cycling Socks

Best Cycling Socks

Seasoned cyclists know the importance of having the right gear, but one often overlooked item is socks. Your feet are at the forefront of the battle and a well-built pair of cycling socks can make the difference in your comfort and enjoyment of the ride.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cycling socks around and later we look at what you should consider when looking for a pair.

The Best Cycling Socks

Cycling socks are made specifically to provide support and comfort for the feet, with special materials that absorb and wick moisture away from your feet. They offer heel and toe support and help prevent overheating of the feet to give you the best cycling experience. We’ve prepared a guide to help you get the best cycling socks and reviewed some of the top-rated brands and styles for your convenience.

Here is a list of the 6 best cycling socks on the market to date.

Danish Endurance Cycling Socks for Men & Women (Best High Socks)

These socks are unisex and can be used for men or women. What makes them the ideal choice for cyclists is the anatomic fit that ensures foot comfort. They fit snugly but not tightly. This is a crew style ankle sock that is made of materials that pull moisture away from the feet to reduce overheating and keep your feet dry and comfortable while cycling.

Special padding at blister zones protects the feet from rubbing and irritation that can come from repetition while pedaling. The material is breathable to reduce foot sweating. These socks are designed by Danish ironman Anders Hofman. These are our top pick because they offer so many benefits for cyclists. This is a high performing sock that is useful for mountain biking, road racing, everyday cycling, triathlon cycling, or spinning at the gym.


Swiftwick ASPIRE ONE Running & Cycling Socks (Best Low Socks)

The Swiftwick Aspire One is made for cyclists and runners. These unisex socks are crafted with unique stitching that uses a Y shape or the heel to offer a snug fit to prevent slipping or bunching and it fits the foot perfectly with an arch band support. The design supports the muscles of the feet and ankles to help reduce fatigue for better performance.

This is a thin cycling sock crafted of breathable material with upper channels and the mesh footbed crafted of thinly knitted breathable fabric. This enhances ventilation so your feet won’t overheat even when you’re highly active. There is just enough padding at key points preventing blistering at common contact points on the feet. The Olefin fiber fabric wicks moisture away from the feet and it is fast drying so it controls the environment for your feet so they stay cool and dry for the maximum possible foot comfort from every pair of socks in this model line.

Giro Winter Merino Wool Cycling Socks (Best for Winter)

The most outstanding feature of the Merino Winter Wool Sock is the 5.5-inch cuff length. It’s both stylish and it can help to provide coverage with tights. These socks are best for use in the wintertime because they provide warmth against chilly days. They’re made of synthetic wool-like material that combines merino wool with polyester for durability along with lycra and elastic for stretchy comfort.

These are calf-height socks that are created specifically for cyclists. Although they are winter wool socks, they can be used at any time of the year. They feature a thin design to prevent overheating and the material is resistant to odors. This helps your feet stay dry and smell-free. They’re durable and made to hold up over time and they come in a range of sizes from small through extra-large for men and women.

Showers Pass Multisport Unisex Crosspoint Crew Wool Socks

Showers Pass unisex socks are versatile enough to wear for cycling and a variety of other sports activities. These socks are all-weather and they are ideal for rainy climates because of the waterproof membrane that helps to repel moisture from the outside from entering through the material. You’ll also appreciate the special construction of these socks. They’re made with three layers of bonded material that bonds polyurethane membrane that is both waterproof yet breathable. This means that it stops moisture from being absorbed through the sock, yet it wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable.

The Showers Pass crew socks are crafted of Merino wool with a blend of other materials to make them stretchy and comfortable for the best possible fit to avoid slipping or bunching. They are comfortable with seamless construction and the right amount of padding to help prevent blisters from forming on your feet. The Merino wool lining is also anti-bacterial to stop foot odors from developing.

Darn Tough Stars and Stripes Micro Crew Ultralight Sock

Darn Tough’s Stars and Stripes is a men’s sock that is made for the ultimate in comfort. The design uses seam fusion to join the material together making them a truly seamless sock. They’re made of a combination of wool, nylon, Merino, lycra, and spandex that gives the socks an ultra-light feeling. They’re stretchy enough to conform snugly to the contours of the foot. These are ultra-light men’s crew socks that are ideal for use for riding.

The materials are finely knit making the fabric durable. The combination of materials is fast drying and they are highly breathable to prevent sweating. When moisture develops it is wicked away from the feet. The fiber in the socks also contains a natural antimicrobial quality that stops the development of odor-causing bacteria. They also feature a mesh paneling that helps to keep feet cool and dry even when it’s hot outside. The built-in arch support helps to prevent blistering, bunching, and slipping so the socks stay firmly in place.

Giro Seasonal Merino Wool Socks

It’s hard to beat the feeling that you get from a quality pair of Merino Wool socks. Just enough polyester and nylon have been infused into the material weave to make them stretchy yet durable. These socks are ideal for on and off-road cyclers because of the unique design that makes them strong because of nylon reinforcements at the toe and heel, but they’re thin so they fit easily inside of your cycling shoes.

The six-inch high rise cuff is an attractive feature that makes the socks stylish. This not only looks great, but it also works well with tights and warmers to keep them securely in place. They’re good for varying weather conditions. In hot weather, the sock wicks moisture away from your feet to prevent hot spots and sweating. The material was chosen for its ability to naturally resist the development of bacteria that leads to foot odors.

What Are the Best Cycling Socks?

Buying Cycling Socks

The best cycling socks are those that meet all of your needs. Everyone is an individual and has their own tastes and preferences. Some prefer those that fit more snugly and others prefer a looser fit. There are a few things to look for, however. The best cycle socks are created with quality materials with durable construction for long wear. They fit snugly to the feet without being tight and they keep your feet dry even when it’s hot outside.

Look for socks that are designed with heel and toe support and reinforcement. When it comes to thickness, this is a matter of personal preference, as is whether you want a sock with or without a cuff. Thinner socks are created for summer cycling and thicker for winter cycling in general, but some are all-season designs that can be worn at any time anywhere.

Are Cycling Socks Worth it?

This is a question that only you can answer. Specialized cycling socks are recommended for all cyclists because of the additional support and comfort that they provide. They do tend to be more expensive, and when it comes to socks, you get what you pay for. The higher price is compensated by the extreme comfort and fit that they give you when you’re cycling. These socks cycling enthusiasts love also tend to last much longer than multipurpose everyday socks. For most, this is an investment in comfort and enjoyment, but these socks also give your feet some much-needed protection from injury and blistering.

Why Do Cyclists Wear High Socks?

Not all cyclists wear high socks, but there is a reason why some choose this style. The real reason behind high cycle socks is to express your fashion tastes. Certain brands have begun using a DeFeet Aireator 15 cm cuff that fashion-conscious cyclists find appealing. Some cycling competitions actually measure sock height so there are height requirements and restrictions for some events.

Should I Wear Compression Socks While Cycling?

There are some great arguments for wearing compression stockings while cycling. These highly specialized socks are crafted of a fabric technology that is referred to as graduated medical-grade compression. It’s a special kind of knit process that delivers greater support around the ankle and foot areas.

There are a lot of great benefits associated with wearing cycling compression socks. They help your body to deliver fresh oxygen to your muscles to avoid a buildup of lactic acid. This reduces aches and pains from a good workout. They also provide extra support for your legs and feet, reducing the strain on the muscles and tendons. Compression socks are made to fit each individual foot, e.g. left and right. They’re a lot like a pair of gloves so you must put each on the foot it was designed for. They’re great at wicking away moisture from the skin and they have additional padding to prevent blisters and to fit better in your cycling shoe.


The socks biking enthusiasts choose can have a big impact on comfort, foot health, and performance. The best cycling socks are the ones that deliver on comfort and durability. Biking socks can be a bit more expensive, but they’re well worth the nominal extra cost for the benefits that they give you. Merino wool offers some of the best antimicrobial features for discouraging the development of foot odor so your feet feel and smell fresher.

These socks enhance your comfort and performance while riding. Like with other cycling accessories such as sunglasses, socks can be used seasonally. Yhere are special summer cycling socks and winter riding socks. Some are made for cold weather and some for warm weather. There are even special cuff socks to keep your tights and warmers in place. Our reviews give you a range of different socks to choose from to help you find the perfect pair of socks cycle-friendly in nature the first time around