Single Speed Bikes For Daily Commuting

Commuting on a single speed bike is fun and very cost efficient. Why are they so perfectly suited for the daily grind? Let's take a look.

Single Speed Wheelset

Cars, buses and other forms of public transport are rarely reliable. A large number of people are making the switch from motors to bikes for the daily commute.

Biking to work can save money, boost fitness massively and wake you up in the process. Starting the day at work after having had the wind in your hair is a completely different experience.

If you’ve decided to make the switch, you’ll be in need of a solid, reliable bicycle that’s easy to maintain.

Single speed bikes stick out as the best type of bike for commuting for a number of reasons. Let’s take a quick look at the main ones.


Single speed bikes are lightweight, which makes them ideal for commuting. A lightweight bike is easy to maneuver in traffic and effortless to pedal.

It also makes storage a lot easier. No need to lug a hefty bike around each time you park up. Most single speed bikes can be picked up with little effort.

An aluminum frame should be preferred to a steel frame if you want to ditch that extra weight. Steel frames don’t weight a ton, but the difference is definitely noticeable.


There aren’t really any bells and whistles on a single speed bike. Even some of the best single speed bikes can be picked up for under $500.

Couple that with the amount of money you save on train fares, petrol, car repairs and you’re getting a real bargain.

Repairs to your single speed bike are likely to be rare and inexpensive. So no need to worry about shelling out on upkeep.


Single Speed Bikes

Due to their simplicity, they rarely ever break. There isn’t much that can go wrong on a single speed bike, so you can rest assured they’re as reliable as they come.

If you do run into some issues, repairs are simple and pretty cheap. There are plenty of guides out there that’ll teach you how to do pretty much anything with a bike.

Tires for single speed bikes are as cheap as they come. Replacing these every 2000 miles is a negligible cost when put against the savings that cycling to work brings.


You can do a surprising amount to spice up your bike. I’m not talking flame decals or stickers, but more subtle changes like colorful wheelsets.

Single speed wheelsets are really inexpensive and can turn a boring bike into a gorgeous one.

Adding a kickstand will cost you less than $10 and take no longer than 10 minutes to set up. It’s unfortunate that many modern bikes are shipped without them.

Aside from a custom appearance, you can modify a single speed bike’s function. A wheelset with flip flop hubs will let you change from a freewheeling setup to a fixed gear.

Fixed gear is likely to make the commute a bit more strenuous, so it’s perfect for those looking for a bit of exercise.