The Best Mountain Bike Under $1000

Buying a bike under $1,000 could go either way. There are some very good bikes at this price range, and some very bad ones. Let's take a look at the best.

Best Mountain Bike Under $1000

For most mountain bike price brackets, there’s a clear gulf in expectations between the current price range and the next step up. With mountain bikes under $1000, the gulf isn’t so apparent in either direction. You can get some pretty good bikes for under 1000 dollars, but you can also get some pretty bad ones.

We’ve done our very best to filter through the rubbish for you and give you five perfect options. Narrowing our selection down to just one bike is the tricky part, and that’s why we’re gonna leave it to you. If you left it to us, we’d recommend the BEIOU CB004 Toray T700 Carbon Fiber as the best mountain bike under $1,000 because we love the lightweight carbon frame coupled with the GTMRK 330 front suspension fork.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 Comparison

BEIOU CB004 Toray T700 Carbon FiberCarbon26″
Diamondback Bicycles Line HardtailAluminum27.5″
BEIOU CB014A Carbon HardtailCarbon26″
Diamondback LUX Comp Women’s HardtailAluminum27.5″
Mongoose Salvo SportAluminum27.5″

As you can tell, hard tails are a popular choice here. BEIOU Carbon fiber frames add a touch of class, while more rugged bike brands like Diamondback stick to aluminum frames rather than compromising elsewhere to make the bikes affordable.

Which is the best? That’s up to you. We’re going to look at each bike in a bit more depth to point out some features that make them stand out from the crowd.

The Best Mountain Bike Under $1,000

Best Mountain Bike Under $1000

Time to put us on the spot and make us justify our choices. There’s an element of personal taste to each pick, but we made an effort to pick a variety in order to cater to everyone.

At the 1000 dollar price range, many recommend you stick to a hardtail. The logic behind this is that a good hardtail mountain bike is objectively better than a bad full suspension mountain bike. In this price bracket, finding a good hardtail is definitely achievable. A good full suspension.. hmm, maybe not so easy.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Below is a list of the best mountain bikes under $1,000 for your consideration, each carefully selected to offer incredible value for money.

BEIOU CB004 Toray T700 Carbon Fiber

It’s no secret that we love BEIOU for their affordable carbon fiber frames. If you’ve read any of our other articles on budget mountain bikes you’ll already know how we feel about them.

This bike is true to those feelings. A super lightweight frame means you can quickly shift your weight and land cleanly. Any bumps are well dealt with by the rather impressive GTMRK 330 hydraulic suspension fork.

Having 26″ inch wheels means that you won’t sail as effortlessly over uneven surfaces as with the 29ers seen on more expensive bikes of this calibur, but they aren’t half bad.

You can’t have it all, right? For a budget of less than $1000 this bike is crazy good. There are areas that can be improved, sure, but it’s a fantastic complete product in itself.

Toray T700 carbon fiber offers a very high quality blend of tensile strength and durability. The bottom bracket uses a T1000 carbon fiber layer overlapped to further increase that tensile strength. Impressive stuff.

In conclusion, we can’t get enough of this bike. You won’t be disappointed, especially if it’s your first venture into carbon fiber frames.

Diamondback Bicycles Line Hardtail

Let’s make room for a bit more ruggedness with an aluminum frame Diamondback mountain bike.

Diamondback are masters of the aluminum mountain bike. At under 1000 dollars, you can be sure you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

The tires are 27.5″, so there’s a noticeable improvement in smoothness through rough surfaces if you’re used to a 26″ set of wheels.

The front fork is a SR Sun tour 120Mm, which is fairly common around this price range and therefore nothing to sing too highly about.

Of all the components on this bike, the brakes are what really shine. Tektro Auriga hydraulic disk brakes on the front and back. 180mm and 160mm respectively. Super responsive allowing a lot of control.

If you aren’t ready to make the jump to carbon fiber, or have your reasons for sticking with aluminum all the way then make no mistake about it. This, to us, is the best hardtail aluminum mountain bike under $1000 right now.

BEIOU CB014A Carbon Hardtail

Back to BEIOU! The CB014A feels similar to the aforementioned CB004, which is a very good thing indeed.

The same 26″ wheels mean that it’s not going to be the smoothest ride at this price range. The GTMRK front fork is just as impressive though, and it takes a lot of the impact keeping things steadier than you’d expect.

A Shimano ALTUS 370 speed system gives you all the quality you’d expect from a Shimano component. The brakes, well, they aren’t as good as the Diamondback, but they’re acceptable.

We won’t cover up the fact that BEIOU do compromise in certain areas in order to make the carbon frame fit in this price range.

As we always say, it’s important to measure your expectations. Though $1,000 seems like a lot of money to a beginner rider making strides towards bigger things, in the grand scheme of things, it’s still relatively cheap.

This is a fantastic mountain bike for the price.

Diamondback LUX Comp Women’s Hardtail

This women’s hardtail mountain bike under $1,000 is definitely worth a mention.

The Diamondback LUX Comp is as solid a hardtail bike you could ever expect, regardless of budget. You don’t get many bells and whistles, granted, but everything you get is solid and smooth.

Diamondback Bikes always scream quality regardless of the price bracket they fall into. It’s no different here. The double butted aluminum frame feels amazingly lightweight.

Big 27.5″ tires make light work of easy trails and shine in some intermediate ones. There’s no beating a 29er in our eyes, but it’s close.

It really is thoroughly impressive, and we’d love to hail it as the best around. Best aluminum women’s hardtail mountain bike under $1,000? Definitely. Our favorite mountain bike on this list? Nah, probably not.

Not to take anything away from the quality of this bike, but it just doesn’t feel as fun as the BEIOU carbon fiber framed bikes. Maybe that’s just us!

Mongoose Salvo Sport

Last up, the Salvo Sport. A 27.5″ wheeled venture into full suspension mountain bikes by Mongoose.

As we previously mentioned, picking up the best full suspension mountain bike under $1000 is always going to be a big ask.

With this Salvo Sport, the suspension you get is acceptable. It isn’t extraordinary and the front shock feels a little pogo-stick-like at times.

For the price range, this is all you can expect. If you want everything to be perfect, you’ll have to shell out a lot more than a thousand dollars, unfortunately.

We’ve heard of people picking this bike up for way under $1000. Some have managed to get their hands on it for $500. At that price, it’s undeniably excellent value for money.

At full price, it’s still a worthy buy if you think the full suspension is for you.

Finding The Best Mountain Bike Under $1,000

A Good Cheap Mountain Bike

Few experiences can equal the exhilaration of speeding through the wilderness on a well-built mountain bike. Yet, while standard cycling is easy to pick up, mountain-biking seems to be reserved only for those who are affluent in time and money.

The cost of a decent mountain bike serves as the prime roadblock for curious cyclists. Nonetheless, mountain-biking can actually be both affordable and accessible.

Unfortunately, affordability and quality seem to share an inverse relationship. With affordable bikes, you typically get what you pay for in terms of component quality. Some opinionated cyclists might argue that the only mountain bikes worth owning cost thousands of dollars.

Although expensive mountain bikes will generally offer better quality, there are cheaper options that can be as functional.


Price will be a major concern for cyclists considering mountain biking. Even though there are many affordable options, you should shy away from buying the cheapest bike available simply to save money.

A wise buyer considers every aspect of the bike they intend to buy. They should check the company that designed the bike, and the parts and materials that make up the bike.

Mountain Bike Dimensions and Design

The easiest way to identify a quality mountain bike under $1000 is to check for some obvious design signals.

Mountain bike wheels are twenty-six to twenty-nine inches in diameter and are made of damage-resistant parts that can absorb the impact caused by repeated blows on rough terrain. Tire width varies between models, though to a beginner mountain biker the difference is likely to be negligible.

The frame can be made of aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber. A good mountain bike will be made of materials that can resist constant blows.

Mountain bikes have suspension systems integrated into their frames. These systems can have either full or front suspension.

A bike with front or “hard-tail” suspension will only have the system integrated into the front tire. A full suspension bike will have the system built into both tires. The system connects the tire to the frame in such a way that it absorbs many of the impact shocks caused by unstable terrain.

A cyclist should probably experiment with both systems to find the best bike for them before shelling out a thousand dollars.

Further, a mountain bike’s handlebar placement will alter the posture of the cyclist. Unlike a road bike that guides its rider to lean forward, a mountain bike directs its rider to sit somewhat upright. These are just the very basic, major identifiers of a quality mountain bike.


Tips Buying Mountain Bike For $1000

Traversing rough terrain can be dangerous– a good mountain bike will negate as much of that danger as possible. A safe cyclist will review the model and brand of the bike he or she intends to buy. Does the bike have a good record of durability? Are there any major defects or infamous problems with the bike model? If so, the buyer should consider another make of bike.

Next, the cyclist should consider the condition of the bike. Is it new? Is it used? If the bike is in used condition, do the tires look worn? Are the wheels bent or damaged from frequent use? Is the frame dented, or does it show any other signs of stress? The buyer should take special care to inspect the condition of the chain and any other complex component.


Comfort is a feature that is intrinsically linked to safety–a comfortable ride is a much safer ride. A quality mountain bike under 1000 dollars will be able to adapt to a variety of terrain conditions.

This gives the user as much control over their movement as possible. What sort of gear options does the mountain bike have? How does the chain tension affect the bike’s movement? Can the gears be quickly switched to meet varying terrain conditions?

Even the handlebars are an important factor in a cyclist’s comfort. The front wheel should always accurately swivel towards a cyclist’s intended destination.

The best mountain bikes will take advantage of such features in order to keep the user in full control of their experience.

Final Considerations

Mountain biking can offer an exciting experience for cyclists who desire off-road adventure. The ideal mountain bike will be comfortable enough to allow traditional cyclists to transition to the new riding style.

Further, the technical features and comfort features must complement the total safety of the bike. Most importantly, the bike must deliver those features at a reasonable price. When a bike can meet those criteria, it is worth purchasing.