The Best Road Bike Saddles for Long Rides

Best Road Bike Saddles Long Rides

Saddle soreness sucks. Premium road bike saddles are expensive and don’t always offer the comfort you’d hope for on long rides. I’ve researched dozens of road bike saddles to find out which are the best road bike saddles for long rides. Keep reading to find out which are worth your money.

I found the Fizik Arione Road Bike Saddle to be the best saddle for long rides because it is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used. It doesn’t restrict blood flow to soft tissue areas and keeps things nice and cool for the entire ride.

The 7 Top-Rated Road Bike Saddles for Long Rides

Editor's PickNameRating
Best Overall Saddle Fizik Arione Road Bike Saddle 5
Best Premium Saddle selle ITALIA Max SLR Vanox Bike Saddle 4.9
Best Foam Saddle Fabric Line Race Road Bike Saddle 4.9
Best Budget Buy Prologo Scratch 2 Tirox Road Bike Saddle 4.8
Best Low Profile Saddle Terry Men's Fly Ti Road Bike Saddle 4.8
Best Women's Saddle selle ITALIA Diva Gel Road Bike Saddle 4.7
Best Value For Money Fabric Scoop Elite Radius Bike Saddle 4.6

1. Fizik Arione K:ium Rails Road Bike Saddle — Best Overall

This super-sleek bike saddle is available in black, white, or black with a suede stripe. In each case, it comes with the K:ium rail, designed to withstand the demands placed on it during extended rides.

It is hands down the most comfortable road bike saddle I’ve ever used, making it the best saddle for long rides in my opinion. It supports your sit bones so well that it feels comfortable in any riding position.

Each side of the saddle is engineered to provide greater flexibility, improving comfort as you move around on the bike. You can find comfort in a wide variety of fore and aft positions on this saddle.

The saddle is constructed from carbon-reinforced nylon and finished with a Microtex cover, offering superb strength and a comfortable finish.

Complete with an integrated clip system if required, it only takes moments to fit and adjust for your preferences.

Fizik Arione K:ium Rails Road Bike Saddle Key Features:

2. Selle ITALIA Max SLR Vanox Bike Saddle — Best Premium Saddle

This eye-catching long distance saddle is available in black or white and offers an anatomically designed cut out in the middle. This guarantees better airflow and comfort from start to finish on every ride.

Selle Italia are known for their high-quality saddles and this is no different. It isn’t cheap, but if you’re after the best of the best, then you should buy this saddle right here for long rides.

The cut-out section is also surrounded by gel which molds to your shape, so you’ll feel even greater comfort whenever you ride. It helps to reduce pressure on soft tissue areas and you can really feel the benefit. Padding at the read of the saddle helps support sit bones when riding in an upright position.

Weighing in at 250g, the saddle includes elastomers separating the shell of the saddle and the rails. These act as a suspension system without needing springs, eliminating the shocks and vibration felt during the average ride.

The saddle is finished with anti-slip materials through the middle of the saddle that allow you to move comfortably and with confidence.

Selle Italia Max SLR Vanox Bike Saddle Key Features:

3. Fabric Line Race Road Bike Saddle — Best Foam Saddle

Available in three colors, the Fabric Line Road Bike saddle is one of the more affordable road saddles on the market. Constructed from a PU foam shell coupled with hollow titanium rails, it is easy to fit and adjust to your preferred position.

The foam padding feels amazing and supports your sit bones without limiting movement at all. The microfiber saddle cover is waterproof too, offering protection against the elements even in the wettest and most demanding conditions.

This Line Race saddle from Fabric is also available in several sizes, giving you even more chance of picking a saddle that is comfortable for you.

The saddle also has a channel running through its entire length, offering relief from pressure over longer rides regardless of your riding style.

Fabric Line Race Road Bike Saddle Key Features:

4. Prologo Scratch 2 Pas Tirox Road Bike Saddle — Best Budget Buy

This affordable but high quality saddle hides intelligently designed features that aim to provide comfort no matter how long you cycle for. The rails are made from light alloy steel, reducing weight and providing superb strength.

This is the best budget road saddle for long rides currently available. The quality is outstanding and it comes in at around half the price of some of its main competitors while still providing excellent support for your sit bones.

The SPACE technology used in the saddle design has resulted in far less pressure being experienced in the perineal area. The PAS channel that runs through the center of the saddle also makes this Prologo design the best long ride saddle for male and female riders who prefer aggressive riding or an aggressive position.

The carbon fiber injection base adds to the stability this long distance saddle offers, along with making it lighter.

Prolog Scratch 2 Tirox Road Bike Saddle Key Features:

5. Terry Men’s Fly Ti Road Bike Saddle — Best Low Profile Saddle

The hexagon design of the leather cover on this saddle catches the eye, but it is the features underneath that matter more. Sleek and comfortable, this Terry saddle includes a cut away area through the middle, offering more flexibility and comfort on every ride.

It also aids with airflow. The intelligent design also provides a stiffer rear section to provide better pedal power, while including softer sections through the rest of the saddle to reduce pressure. I found that the pressure reductions around the cut-out were a huge bonus on long rides.

This brilliant saddle comes with a guarantee of satisfaction that allows you to wear and ride the saddle to confirm it works for you. You can always return it for a refund.

Terry Men’s Fly Ti Bike Saddle Key Features:

6. Selle Italia Diva Gel Road Bike Saddle — Best Women’s Saddle

This saddle has a much larger cut-out area than some of its competitors, along with increased padding around the saddle itself. This provides a responsive saddle that feels outstanding even on extremely long rides.

The Selle Italia Diva is without a doubt the best women’s road bike saddle for long rides and has to be considered as one of the best road bike saddles of all time.

The cut-out portion reduces pressure in the perineal area while encouraging the ideal posture during the ride. The saddle includes an absorption system separating the saddle from the frame to wipe out road vibrations.

The FibraTek cover is designed to withstand years of use and is simple to wipe clean whenever required. Choose one of two available sizes to ensure the best fit.

Selle Italia Diva Road Bike Saddle Key Features:

7. Fabric Scoop Elite Radius Road Bike Saddle — Best Value For Money

This Radius-shaped saddle from Fabric delivers a flexible nylon shell, offering a comfortable ride over long distances.

The rails are made from chromoly, which delivers a durable finish that is built to last. The saddle has a microcover finish that is fully weather-proof, so it is ideal in even the most challenging weather conditions.

The Radius saddle has a greater curve than the other two options in the Fabric Scoop range (Shallow or Flat). This is a more understated saddle than our other picks, but it represents one of the best value for money picks with a versatile and comfortable design.

Fabric Scoop Elite Radius Road Bike Saddle Key Features:

Why Should You Buy a Long Distance Saddle

Bicycle Saddles For Long Rides

Every component of a road bike is important. Together they combine to give you your ideal bike and your perfect riding experience. Few elements can be as vital as that saddle though, can they? It doesn’t matter how comfy the rest of the bike is, the saddle is the bit that can provide comfort or pain, depending on which one you pick.

It’s rare to buy a bike with the perfect saddle. Investing in a new one can provide huge improvements to your level of comfort. If you specialize in long rides, you need a saddle that is designed to handle the demands of those rides. That’s what we’re going to focus on here.

Is it easy to fit?

Look for a saddle with easy fitting instructions and rails included in the design. These allow you to slide the saddle back and forth until you find just the right spot. We’re all made differently, so while two riders might love the same saddle, one might need it positioned further forward than another. You should also be able to tilt the saddle to achieve the best position for you during your ride.

Is it designed for men, women, or both?

Yep, we’re built differently where it matters most, too, so it is no surprise to find road saddles that are built for men and women respectively. Some are unisex though, so be aware of what you are looking at. Most products should confirm whether they are male, female, or unisex, but if this information doesn’t appear in the title, look at the details for the product instead.

Is it waterproof?

Regardless of when or where you cycle, even the most fair-weather cyclist is going to get caught out in a downpour eventually. And there is nothing worse than sitting on a wet saddle.

A waterproof cover is perfect for avoiding this experience. While you can get a removable waterproof cover to put over your saddle, finding one that already has this box ticked is a lot easier. It won’t slide around while you’re using it either.

What type of padding is offered?

A padded saddle is going to offer greater comfort than a rigid one. Some use high density EVA foam while others go for gel. Gel works much like memory foam, giving you a tailored fit when you sit on it. It then returns to normal when you get off.

Is it breathable?

Breathability is a vital part of any bike saddle, particularly so when long rides are involved. Keeping the airflow going is important, so you should look for bike seats that have hollow areas in them. These usually run through the middle of the saddle.

Does it include safety features?

We’ve found some bike saddles that include various features designed to improve safety. Unusually, these features cover two very different areas.

The first element we found was a shock absorber built into the saddle design. This evens out the more demanding bumps and dips in the road, providing better protection for the rider. The second element was simpler yet still effective – the inclusion of reflective material on the front and rear of the saddle. If you ride a lot at night, this is worth considering. Sure, you’ve got other reflective parts on your bike, but every little bit helps improve safety.

Whichever saddle you opt for, it could still take a few experimental rides around the block to achieve the best fit and position. Investing some time and money in the perfect saddle for long bike rides is well worth it, though.

Our Conclusion

We’ve discovered there is far more variation in bike saddle design than we may have thought. It does mean the best long-distance saddle for you is out there – you just need to find it. We believe breathability and comfort are vital, which means choosing a saddle with a cut-out or channel is important, as is finding one that has some padding involved.

It’s surprising how much technology and research has gone into designing the best bike saddle for long-distance rides, but the benefits of that research are clear to see here. Which saddle is going to tick the boxes that are most important for you?