The Best Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves can make the world of difference to your riding experience. Sore hands, wrists and friction burns can all be avoided by investing a good pair of gloves.

Finding Bike Gloves

Cycling gloves offer comfort and protection to an area of your body that’s likely to take a beating during rides. Protecting your hands is super important. A good pair of cycling gloves doesn’t need to cost the world, and there are enough options out there for everyone.

If you’re well aware of what you’re looking for in a cycling glove, we’ll straight up recommend one. The Louis Garneau Air Glove is our best cycling glove for it’s versatility, comfort and range of movement. We’ll also look at four other options that are equally as likely to be worth your money.

Best Cycling Gloves

Louis Garneau Air Gel Bike Gloves Spandex & Mesh
BOODUN Shock-absorbing GlovesLycra
INBIKE Gel Cycling GlovesLycra & Mesh
Giro Jag Road Bike GlovesLycra & Microfiber
NEXTOUR Cycling GlovesLycra & Mesh

Some of these gloves can take more of a beating than others. Some fit a little small, some a little big. It’s hard to convey that in table format, so we’ve reviewed each of these cycling gloves in a bit more depth.

Despite the wide variety of different padding mechanisms, we’re inclined to prefer gel padding. It takes up less room allowing more mobility, and as a result makes the gloves seem much more breathable. Below is our list of the best cycling gloves with comfort, safety and range of movement considered.

Louis Garneau Air Gel Bike Gloves

These Louis Gerneau gloves are a very good for the price. They not quite perfect, but having got a lot of use out of them, it’s hard to complain too much.

The only hole I can pick in them is that they run a little small. I ordered a large, thinking a medium would be good but wanting to be safe. The large ended up barely fitting.

Breaking them in was fast and easy. They weren’t all that uncomfortable to begin, which is rare.

I find that these are definitely not as thick as some of the other bicycle gloves I have used. This is a benefit around the thumb area, since it gives you a bit more movement.

Padding wise, it leaves a little bit to be desired.

Overall, I have been using these gloves for almost a year and they have stood up well. I use them for my weekly exercise class as well as long bike rides.

Being very breathable, they’re perfect for summer days. They are also nice and soft, which is definitely a plus.

I absolutely believe these are worth the money that I paid for them, but be sure to go up a size if you end up ordering these.

We’ve written more about these gloves here

BOODUN Shock-absorbing Gloves

Some people may hesitate before buying these bike gloves because they are so cheap. They shouldn’t. These are really amazing for protecting and cushioning hands when on a long bike ride.

I recommend these to anyone who is thinking about riding with gloves for the first time. Considering the price, you really don’t have much to lose if you don’t like them.

I ordered them in large and they fit me perfectly. They are snug but in a comfortable way. The difference in my hands after wearing these gloves on a ride is amazing.

I wish I had bought them a long time ago! They could have saved me from a lot of sore wrists and numb hands.

So far, I have not had any problems when removing these gloves, even when my hands are hot and sweaty.

They are holding up amazingly well, especially since I have been using them almost daily for almost six months now.

One of the most impressive things about these bike gloves is how well made they are. The double stitching around the pads is a good feature.

One glove has started to fray a bit after months of usage, but I just snipped off the end with a pair of scissors and that seems to have stopped it.

INBIKE Gel Cycling Gloves

I have been very impressed with these gloves. Before buying them, my hands had an annoying tingling sensation at the end of any long bike ride. That has not happened once since I started wearing these for my rides.

The gel pads in these gloves are placed perfectly. The large area over the palm distributes weight perfectly and leaves my hand pain-free. These are the perfect gloves for mountain bikers.

They are short fingered gloves, so I am only going to use them in the summer and fall. I have tried wearing regular gloves with bike gloves in the past and I was never able to do so comfortably.

I like that the build of these gloves allows for your fingers to really grip. They are also designed to let your hands breathe and not get too sweaty.

The material on the thumb for wiping sweat is a really nice touch.

If, like me, you occasionally take a tumble off your bike getting a good pair of bike gloves is essential. The extra padding saves my wrists and the material helps keep my palms from getting scraped up.

Due to the awesome price, I am planning on buying a couple of extra sets to use as back-ups. They come in two colors so I’m thinking two blue pairs and two red pairs will be perfect.

Giro Jag Road Bike Gloves

The handlebar on my bike is pretty rough, so I was in the market for a decent pair of bicycle gloves that was high-quality without being too expensive. These gloves have been great for me so far.

They are not too heavy or cumbersome but at the same time, they protected my hands during my entire 100-mile bike ride.

There is one big design flaw, however. There is no webbing, loops, finger pull, or anything like that to help you take them off.

By the end of a ride, they are stuck to my hands and it is a pain to pull them off. Other than that, I love the setup of these gloves.

Like with all bike gloves, expect it to take awhile before they are truly comfortable to wear.

These gloves are made of Lycra, making them better suited for colder months than summer, in my opinion. I ordered a size up and am glad that I did.

These gloves look amazing, very sleek like you would see racers wearing. The material isn’t designed to breathe, but the gloves do seem to be built to last. I highly recommend these bike gloves to anyone in the market for some.

NEXTOUR Cycling Gloves

As a female mountain biking enthusiast, I was really happy to find a pair of cycling gloves that came in hot pink. These gloves are incredibly stylish on top of keeping my hands protected.

The Lycra material is great because it stretches to fit my hand perfectly. I like the Velcro strip because it allowed me to adjust the gloves until they fit just right.

The partial-length fingers on these gloves mean I can stop and use my phone without having to take them off.

These gloves are great for shock absorption. A twenty-mile bike ride used to leave my hands and wrists sore but that has stopped since I started wearing these.

With the mesh backing, my hands don’t get sweaty. I enjoy riding my bike so much more now that my hands don’t feel fatigued halfway through.

The pull tab at the end of the fingers works well to remove the gloves after you’re done.

Since the price is right, I have decided to order a few more pairs. They come in a lot of colors, which is nice considering most bike gloves are just black. The material seems like it will last me for awhile. These gloves make a great addition to any cyclist’s gear.

A Guide To Buying The Right Cycling Gloves

Guide To Buying Gloves

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a bicyclist just starting out, you could benefit from a good pair of bicycling gloves. As with any item of cycling apparel, the number of options on the market can be overwhelming.

This article is designed to help you decide what type of gloves will work best for you.

The right pair of gloves for you will depend on how you ride your bike, the weather conditions you ride in, and your budget.

Advantages of Cycling Gloves

In many ways, having a good pair of bike gloves is just as important as having a great helmet or the proper riding shorts. Here are some ways that they can be advantageous to you:

They prevent your grip from slipping on the handlebars, helping to keep you safe from accidents.

An accident on a bicycle can be incredibly dangerous so any piece of equipment designed to stop them is a good one to have.

They stop blisters. When your hands are rubbing up against a metal surface for long periods of time, blisters become inevitable. A good pair of bike gloves can save you from that pain.

They can help keep your hands warm. Your average pair of winter gloves may not be safe to use when riding. This is because they might cause your hands to slip more instead of less. A long-fingered pair of gloves can help keep your hands nice and toasty.

Parts of Cycling Gloves

There are four main parts of cycling gloves. They are:


Gloves can either have full fingers or partial. It may be a good idea to have one of each for different weather conditions.

Full fingered gloves are great for winter riding while partial fingered ones can offer the protection and grip while not overheating your hands.


This refers to the part of the glove that goes around your wrist. In a good pair of gloves, this will be adjustable so that the fit is customized to you.

If the fight is too tight, it can cut off circulation. On the other hand, if it is too loose you will not have the snug fit that most cyclists desire.


The back of the gloves are known as the uppers. This is where any extra protection from the elements can be added.


For many cyclists, this is the most important part of the gloves. The padding here can help you not get blisters or sore hands. It is also where any material to help with grip is added.

Features to Look for in Cycling Glove

About Bike Gloves

There is a lot of variety in quality in the biking gloves on the market today. There are several things you should pay attention to when shopping for yours:

  • Grip: One of the biggest reasons for having biking gloves is to improve your grip on the handlebars. Most gloves have leather or synthetic palms. Some gloves even feature additional silicone grippers on the fingers to help with shifting and breaking.
  • Breathability: This refers to how well the material of the gloves allows water vapor to escape. This is important to help keep your hands dry during your ride. On a hot day, non-breathable fabrics can cause your hands to get sweaty and uncomfortable. On a cold day, the moisture might make your hands feel clammy.
  • Wicking: Basically, this refers to how well your gloves draw sweat away from your hands to the outside of the glove. This allows it to evaporate.
  • Waterproofing: If you are going to be biking in the rain, you may want waterproof gloves. Keep in mind that gloves that don’t allow water to pass through them will also trap sweat against your skin.
  • Protection: Another reason for wearing gloves is to protect your hands in the event of a fall. All gloves will offer some protection from scrapes. Some are more heavy-duty and rigid to help protect your wrist and hand in the event of an impact.
  • Warmth: All gloves will offer a certain degree of warmth. When shopping for your biking gloves, it is important to know the weather conditions you will be using them in. Some are designed specifically for hot or cold weather.

Types of Cycling Gloves

Depending on your intended uses for your gloves, there are a few different options. It might be advantageous to buy two or more pairs for your rides. Here are the most popular types:

Full Finger Gloves

These are usually associated with winter riding, but summer versions that are more breathable do exist. A good pair will be light and flexible while still providing all of the protection you need to stay safe.

Silicone fingers are a great feature. Some have reflective pieces to help with safety at night.

Summer Mitts

In order to qualify as “mitts,” the gloves must be finger-less. They give you the extra padding to help with comfort and gripping. They also offer some protection in the event of a fall. You can even get some that have a special pad on the back for wiping the sweat off.

Winter Gloves

If you plan on riding in truly cold temperatures, you will need to find authentic winter gloves. Look for thermal gloves that are windproof and waterproof.

In order to be effective, these gloves are usually made of a few layers.

A micro-porous membrane will help your hands breathe during a long ride. Keep in mind that winter gloves will have to be bulkier than others.

Materials for Cycling Gloves

Gloves designed for bike riding are almost always made of synthetic materials. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Acrylic: This material is quite warm while still being breathable. It stretches for a custom fit. On the other hand, it doesn’t offer much resistance from the weather.
  • Polyester: Popular due to the breathability and sweat-wicking abilities, this is a great material for bike gloves. It is good for gloves worn in the warmer months.
  • Polypropylene: Probably the best material for wind and other weather resistance, this material is gaining in popularity for bicycling gloves. The major drawback here is they don’t let moisture out.
  • Fleece: Generally speaking, only winter biking gloves will be made entirely of fleece. It is a very warm material but has no real breathability. Some gloves will have a patch of fleece on the back for wiping sweat off.
  • Lycra: This material is very breathable but not very warm. How well it allows for moisture wicking will depend on the quality of the gloves.

Sweaty hands can lead to losing your grip on your handlebars, which can lead to disaster. Unprotected hands on the pavement can lead to pain. Hours of riding with nothing between your skin and your handlebars can lead to blisters.

All of these things can be avoided with the right pair of cycling gloves. Ultimately, it may take more than one pair to fit all of your needs.

A good pair of bicycle gloves can really add to the comfort and enjoyment of your rides. Doing your research and reading bike glove reviews can make sure you end up with gloves that will last you for many rides to come.

Hopefully, this article gave you a good starting point for finding the right ones for you.