The Best Mountain Bike Under $1500

The vast amount of choices facing a mountain bike rider with a $1500 budget can be overwhelming. We've sorted through the good and the bad to come up with a polished list of the best around.

Best Mountain Bike Less Than 1500

We’d hazard a guess that your venture to find a mountain bike under $1500 means that you’re not new to the mountain biking game. Unlike bikes that are available in lower price brackets, these mountain bikes are serious pieces of kit. Chances are, you’re looking for a bike that’ll up your game as you mature into an advanced mountain biker.

As we approach the higher end of the scale, opinions become quickly divided. The choice between hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes is a a common theme in any price bracket, but it matters more at the high end. With all things considered, we rate the BEIOU CB020 Carbon Fiber Hardtail as the best mountain bike under $1,500 and we’ll get to telling you why shortly.

Each of the bikes we’ve selected for our list really impressed us. It goes without saying that mountain bikes under 1500 dollars are a far cry from some of the cheaper mountain bikes aimed at beginners, but there was still some filtering to be done. We’re satisfied that each of our choices offers excellent value for money.

If you find any of the bikes in this to be over $1,500 at the time of reading, get in touch with us and we’ll be sure to update the list as quickly as possible.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under $1500

Best Mountain Bike Under 1500

A list of mountain bikes chosen by a stranger on the internet doesn’t do much to ease the pain of parting with 1500 dollars.

As a result, we’ve put together our opinions on each bicycle to elaborate and justify our choices. Our aim is to do the hard work for you and filter out the bikes that are a waste of time and money.

Whether you prefer hardtail or full suspension mountain bikes, we’ve got you covered. Below are the best mountain bikes for under $1500 that will help you take the next step in your mountain biking adventure.

BEIOU CB020 Carbon Fiber Hardtail

The BEIOU CB020 Carbon fiber mountain bike is truly a joy to behold.

It looks gorgeous, and the smooth ride that the 29″ inch wheels provide is sure to win your heart immediately.

Being a carbon frame mountain bike, it’s insanely light and easy to handle. Although we’ve got a lot of love for some of the cheaper mountain bike models, this makes them feel like shifting a wardrobe in comparison.

Though prices differ between retailer and are subject to fluctuation, we managed to pick this beast up for $300 under the budget.

That gives you plenty of wiggle room to make any modifications you see fit, or spoil yourself some other way.

It weights in at 10.7kg which, considering it’s built to be durable, is quite a feat of engineering in itself.

We love, love, LOVE this little gem. It’s very hard to imagine a mountain bike under 1500 dollars that could do a better job out on the trails.

Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Pro

Aside from having a pretty badass name, Steppenwolf also make some nifty mountain bikes.

As the name suggests, they’re made in Germany. This particular model, the Tundra Carbon, is available in a variety of different models.

We went for the Tundra Carbon Pro, which has a 30 speed Shimano drivetrain and Avid Elixir 5 disk brakes. Impressive stuff.

We’ve seen it described around the web as an “excellent find for under $1500” and have even seen people comment on their disbelief at the value.

It has an excellent amount of high quality components and a carbon frame that’s built to last.

This is up there with the best around given the price range. For 1500 dollars, you won’t find much better than this.

Diamondback Women’s Rely Hardtail

This Diamondback Model is a little different to the two previous mountain bikes.

Not only is it an aluminum frame rather than a carbon, it’s also a women’s model.

The Rely Hardtail is a fantastic mid-range mountain bike. Creeping in just under $1,500 dollars, you can guarantee that you’re getting something worthy of the higher end of your budget.

The weapons-grade aluminum frame means it as light and as strong as any aluminum frame you’ll find.

Later we’ll look at the newer second model of this bike, we’re well aware of it, but we found this bike to offer just as much with a slightly lower price tag.

A perfect example of a high quality, reasonably prices women’s mountain bike.

BEIOU CB005 Carbon Fiber Hardtail

Back to carbon, and back to BEIOU.

We’ve looked at the CB020, now let’s turn our attention to the CB005 model.

In terms of the frame, they feel almost identical. An extra 0.01kg isn’t going to make any difference to your ride as an intermediate mountain biker.

The wheelsize however, does make a difference. At 26″ wheels it doesn’t feel quite as smooth as the CB020, but it’s still noticeably better than any mountain bikes less than $1000.

Shimano M355 hydraulic disc brakes are what you’d expect on a bike at this price range, but they’re fantastically responsive when adjusted correctly.

The seat can leave a little to be desired, especially on longer trails. Seeing as this can be remedied by a couple of dollars spent on a seat cover, it definitely doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an excellent mountain bike.

Diamondback Women’s Rely 2 Hardtail

Last up we have the newer model of the Diamondback Rely. Creatively named the Diamondback Rely 2.

It’s only a tad more expensive than the original model, and it definitely LOOKS way nicer.

But that’s pretty much where the noticeable improvements stop. I’m not saying that Diamondback haven’t improved this bike on paper, because they definitely have.

The ride just doesn’t feel any different, at least to us. Having slightly wider tires (2.8 inch) is something that many riders might enjoy, but is that enough to justify a hike in price? Probably not.

Hopefully we haven’t come across as too cynical here, we’re trying to be honest!

With that said, it’s still much the same bike as its predecessor. Despite our grievances, it’s a great bike. We’re just not sold on the amount of improvements between the original and this.

A Guide To Mountain Bikes Under 1,500 Dollars

Best $1500 Mountain Bikes

Advanced mountain bikes can cost a fortune. They tend to come with a load of bells and whistles that a beginner to intermediate rider just won’t make use of.

On top of this, they assume you’re experienced and can take full care of each of the components. If you’re making strides towards becoming an advanced mountain biker, then a budget of $1,500 is plenty to land you a bike that’ll help you along the way.

Most of the aspects you should be considering are consistent across all price brackets, but as you venture closer towards the 1500 dollar mark, there’s more to choose from.

Carbon frames become available, better hydraulic brakes, sturdier shock absorbers, the list goes on. Let’s look at the main considerations when buying a mountain bike under $1,500.

A Strong, Lightweight Frame

Bike frames need to be lightweight and durable. Since those properties are usually contradictory in nature, what you’re looking for is a balance.

Carbon fiber is well known for offering some of the best strength to weight ratios of any material out there. When compared to aluminum, it shines during those small moments of air time where you need to quickly shift the position of your bike.

Aluminum frames are still great, and far less brittle than carbon fiber in tough trials. So deciding on a frame that fits your usage should be the priority.

Full suspension, Hardtail or Rigid

An age old debate. It comes entirely down to preference.

There’ll be advantages and disadvantages to each depending on who you are and what type of terrain you plan to ride on. We won’t go into too much depth on this here, since there are plenty of resources that have already got this covered.

Suffice to say, rigid mountain bikes are one for the purist. Hardtail is a healthy mix of ruggedness and flexibility, and full suspension is more comfortable and transitions well from easy to advances trails.

Consider Comfort Features

You’re pushing on towards to the $2k mark, so you’re going to have high expectations for the bike, no doubt.

A bike might be capable of tackling the toughest of terrains and taking a hell of a battering, but what use is that if it’s too uncomfortable to ride?

Comfortable clothing for cycling can only do so much. If uncomfortable handlebar positioning or grips makes riding a chore, you won’t be getting the optimal experience.

It’s something worth considering more and more as you move up the price brackets.

Check Out User Reviews

Aside from own, there are plenty of other user reviews out there worth considering. The reviews sections of retailers are usually lined with useful first hand experiences that can help you avoid disappointment.

Everything from sizing to component quality will have been thoroughly vetted by a previous buyer. Why not benefit from that wealth of useful information?

Our Conclusion

More and more so in recent years, big name brands are competing to make affordable models. In years gone by, there was far less options between advanced mountain bikes that cost thousands and beginner ones that would set you back a few hundred.

We’re lucky to live in an era blessed with an abundance of choice. Make the most of it and be sure to find the bike that’s right for you.