BEIOU Full Carbon Fat Tire Bike Review

Gorgeous, lightweight, durable... expensive. This carbon frame bike from BEIOU is a step upwards from budget fat bikes that are designed for those getting started.

When the time finally came for me to take fat biking seriously I knew I was going to have to pay over a thousand dollars for a high-quality bike.

Paying that much money out calls for a bit of research beforehand. I justified it to myself as an investment in my happiness and my fitness. Boy, was it worth it.

The Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire ended up being the perfect buy for me. The carbon fiber components mean it’s both super lightweight and very durable. It also looks fantastic.

Finding a balance between durability and weight is one the hardest part of picking out a bike for me.

Manufacturers rarely get the balance right, meaning it’s either heavy and sluggish or falling apart in a matter of weeks

Durability is obviously especially important here due to how much it costs. Thankfully, no other material on earth matches the strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber, so we’re off to a good start.

Assembling the bike

Assembling a bike

To assemble my bike, I needed to get some help from a friend. It isn’t the first bike I’ve bought online and needed to put together, but it definitely is the most expensive. I really didn’t want to get anything wrong.

The instruction manual was well written and easy to follow. Between the two of us, it took about thirty minutes from unboxing to trying it out.

Naturally, the first thing I did was check the ABC’s. Checked the Air in the tires, the Brakes, and that the Chain was properly lubricated. Everything was good to go and I was ready to start my new fat bike riding adventure.

I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to get out on a new bike as I was with this. It’s a thing of beauty.

Notable features

The internal cable routing is a feature of this bike that helps keep the weight down. I have been really impressed with how light this bike is. It feels so incredibly well put together.

I initially came to fat tire biking because I love going off the beaten path.

This bike has been excellent for that. The tires are superb and have had no issues with the gravel, dirt, sticks, and other obstacles I have gone flying over.

The SHIMANO M315 hydraulic braking system is exactly what you’d expect. A quality component from a respected manufacturer that’s proven to be both effective and reliable.

There really is an enormous difference in quality between this bike and some of the other budget fat bikes I’ve previously owned. The carbon frame makes it ridiculously easy to handle even in muddy conditions.

I can’t help but recommend this bike to anyone who asks me about it, and that happens quite a bit.