Headed to buy a new bike? The choices can be daunting. When choosing the right type of bike for your needs, there are a few things to consider.

Finding a bike that fits your lifestyle, your size and your budget is paramount to enjoying an optimal cycling experience.

No matter the environment you choose to ride in, there is an appropriate bike for you to have fun with. Let’s help you find the right type of bike.

Below are the most popular types of bikes, with their suited environments discussed.

Road Bikes

Road Bike

Road bikes are best suited for riding on tarmac or surfaced roads, hence the name.

They have skinny tires and lightweight frames that help you reach high speed with as little effort as possible.

Road bike handlebars are typically looped down and curved backward. This accommodates a posture that’s perfectly aerodynamic. It also means that they aren’t the most comfortable bikes around.

Suited for flat, smooth surfaces; road bikes are ideal for intermediate to expert bikers.

A few variants of road bikes include; racing bikes, endurance bikes and cyclocross bikes. Each variant has characteristics that make them more suited to their purpose.

Single Speed Bikes

Single Speed Bikes

Single speed bikes are loved for their simplicity. Because they only have a single gear, they’re very reliable and incredibly easy to maintain.

Fixed gear bikes are a type of single speed bike on which you can’t freewheel. While this makes riding more strenuous, fixed gear bikes (or “fixies”) are well loved for how fun they make riding.

A majority of freewheel single speed bikes can be converted to and from fixed gear with relative ease. Single speed wheelsets with a flip flop hub accommodate both mechanisms.

Single speed bikes make for excellent commuting bikes. While true fixed gear bikes are best kept for the more pure cyclists among us, single speed bikes are a fantastic beginner option.

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Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tire bikes are an exception when it comes to bike riding. They are designed to float over sand, snow, and almost everything they come across on their path.

Fat bikes are super fun. Many will vouch that their first ride on a fat tire bike reminds them of learning to ride for the first time.

They open up a vast range of different environments to cycle in, and are typically very affordable.

While the tires can handle rough terrain, many frames struggle due to the lack of protection for key components.

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Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

These bikes perform best on rough terrain. As the name suggests, Mountain bikes were made to take on the most rugged landscape that nature can offer.

They contain aggressive tires which are knobbly. Making them capable of finding grip almost on any surface.

Some powerful mountain bikes feature suspension on each side of the wheel. This assists in maneuvering through extremely rough ground.

Mountain bikes are good for leisure riding in a very relaxed position. Heavy mountain biking can take it’s toll on your bike, so it’s important you’re aware of how to identify and repair damage quickly.

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Women’s Bikes

Women's bikes

Most types of bike will have a women’s variant. These are better designed to accommodate the physiological differences between men and women.

For example, the length of the of the top tube frame is generally about 3 centimeters shorter for the women’s bikes than those of the men’s bikes.

This means that the reach of the saddle to handlebar fits most women better because it is shorter. The shorter reach shifters featured on these bikes fit the hands of most women better too.

That’s not to say women can’t ride bikes that aren’t specifically designed for them, though. They just tend to be a bit of a better fit.

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